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Welcome to CRAFTA®

Welcome to Crafta®

One can impossibly think of the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and facial pain with its interactive characteristics without including an interdisciplinary approach.
Despite all efforts practitioners still find themselves left alone in the treatment of the patient's complaints.

The CRAFTA education program is patient centred and will satisfy the demands of critically questioning medical doctors and therapists as well as the more practically thinking colleagues


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Crafta Newsletter 01
Dear Crafta members, today we have shipped our first newsletter, which can be found via this link. Dear Certified CRAFTA® Therapists / Refresher Courses / Update – Our New Book Is Here... / Update – Thieme E-Learning: Special Price for Certified CRAFTA Therapists / Speech and Language Therapists group / Enhance and Promote Networking and Exchange with Other Disciplines and more... ..
Informationfilme  fur Arzte und Patienten  : Was macht  eine CRAFTA  spezialisierte Therapeut
Verbinden Sie die nachste Link mit ihre Webside oder Emailadresse Ziege diese Film an ihre Patienten und Arzte und uberzeugen Sie selbst. Diese Film ist in 6 Sprachen verfugbar.     ..
Workgroup Speech and Language
Workgroup Speech and Language Therapists at CRAFTA® The CRAFTA®-Team is very content to watch the continually rising numbers of speech and language therapists (SALT) who participate in the CRAFTA® courses! Already several achieved the CRAFTA® certificate. This allows an even more detailed and intensive interdisciplinary exchange which results in the best possible care for our patients. In order to be able to answer specific questions out of the area of speech and language therapy a SALT work group was found. Past and current activities: -    Optimizing the lectur..
Hygiene guidelines
Hygiene guidelines: Hygiene for CRAFTA® therapists, Recommendations of the Institute for Hygiene and Infection prevention at Robert-Koch-Institute (Germany) (RKI, ..
CRAFTA Image Film
Head-, face- and neck region, Assessment and Treatment, Interest in a CRAFTA  education. Click here!... ..
Facial expression
Facial expression and laterality Assessment, Evaluation and Rehabilitation This three-day course elucidates the function of the most important basic emotions and left/right facial recognition out of our daily life. Consequences of a dysfunction will be obvious in examples and elucidated in external evidence. Different test procedures will be introduced and exercised. Systematic facial emotions- and laterality training will be presented by the EMORECO program, as well as the face-mirroring software Techniques and treatment strategies will be explained and exercised. Patien..
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Kann spezialisierte Physiotherapie eine Rolle bei menschliche Stimmprobleme spielen?

Haben Sie jemals Stimmprobleme erlebt in Ihrem Alltag oder während Ihre Arbeit als Sängerin oder Lehrer? Symptome wie Heiserkeit, Schwierigkeiten eine starke oder normale Stimme zu...

Can specialized physical therapy play a role in human voice problems?

Did you ever have experienced voice related problems during your daily life, your work as a singer or teacher? Symptoms like hoarseness, difficulties producing a strong or normal voice, difficulties...

Die neue DC/TMD (Diagnostic Criteria for Temperomandibular Disorders). Was bedeutet das für den spezialisierten Therapeuten?

Physiotherapeuten und Zahnärzte haben Ihre eigenen Methoden für die Beurteilung von orofazialen Problemen. Für eine bessere Übereinstimmung in der Diagnostik von orofazialen...

The new DC/TMD (Diagnostic Criteria for Temperomandibular Disorders). What does this mean for the specialized physical therapist?

Physiotherapists and dentist do have their own methods of assessing patients with orofacial problems. To become a better agreement in diagnosing orofacial complains within different kind of...

Kraniale manuelle Therapie ist nicht das Gleiche wie Kraniosakral-Therapie

In den Niederlanden kritisiert die Akkreditierungskommission der niederländischen Gesellschaft für Physiotherapie (KNGF) das manipulative Assessment und den Behandlungsansatz der...

Cranial manual therapy is not the same as cranialsacral therapy

In the Netherlands the accreditation commission of the Dutch Society of Physical Therapy (KNGF) criticized the manipulative assessment and treatment approach of the Craniofacial Therapy Academy...

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What is Crafta

Physiotherapists and manual therapists but also speech therapists and dentists have shown an increasing clinical and practical interest over the past few years in the craniomandibular and the craniofacial regions.

The professions also show a positive development towards enhanced interdisciplinary cooperation. On this background, CRAFTA® (Cranial Facial Therapy Academy) was founded by Harry von Piekartz and other initiators of various disciplines.