Courses Overview En 2019The CRAFTA® curriculum is the result of the consensus of various dental and physical therapy specialists. The courses are updated every 6 months and follow as much as possible the European accreditation guidelines (Bologna recommendations).

The courses include theoretical and practical components, as well as case studies and live patient presentations (depending on country regulations). The final goal is to educate high quality specialists by presenting current models of thinking and techniques for patients with headaches, face and neck dysfunctions and pain, wherever possible based on scientific evidence.

All courses are based upon the books by Dr. Harry J. M. von Piekartz

Cranialfacial dysfunction and pain, Manual therapy, Assessment and Management (2000)

Kraniofaziale Dysfunktion und Schmerzen. Untersuchung- Beurteilung-Management. (2001)

Dolor y Disfunction Craneofacial, Terapia Manual, Valoracion y Tratamiento (2004)

Kiefer, Gesichts-und Zervikalregion. Neuromuskuloskeletale Untersuchung, Therapie und Management (2015)

The Foundations Courses are required in order to take the Advanced courses.

After having taken the Foundation courses, Advanced courses, Special Course and Clinical Assessment you can take the final CRAFTA® exam in order to become a certified CRAFTA®  therapist. 

Foundations courses & online

Foundations courses and Online module

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Special course

Advanced in Assessment and Management of pediatric, vestibular, ocular..

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Advanced Course I & II

Clinical management of temporomandibular dysfunction and pain

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Anatomy Prep-Course

Anatomy course of the temporomandibular, -facial and –neural region

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Temporomandibular dysfunction in dentistry (two days)

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Facial expression

Facial expression and laterality, Assessment, Evaluation and Rehabilitation

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Examination and preparation

Aim of the certification is to assess, if the capabilities of the craniofacial..

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Clinical Assessment (CCA)

Online assessment of your clinical reasoning approach...

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Update Craniofacial Dysfunction and Pain

This advanced course provides a comprehensive update of the knowledge and skills ...

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