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Prof. Dr. Harry von Piekartz

TEACHER - Harry is a Professor at the University of Applied Science in Osnabruck (Germany) and is study director of the Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy program. He is senior IMTA Teacher of the Int. Maitland Teacher Association..

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Christian Voith

TEACHER - Christian Voith was born in Klagenfurt / Austria. He graduated from the Academy for Physiotherapy in 1990. Afterwards he worked in different clinics, hospitals and practices in Germany for ten years During this time..

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Michiel Trouw

TEACHER - Michiel Trouw (*1968) graduated from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1992. He participated in manual therapy advanced training and finished with the OMT-degree (IFOMPT) He is the owner of a physiotherapy clinic...

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Heidi Groß

TEACHER - Heidi Groß qualified as a physiotherapist in 1995. Since 2000 she works self-employed in a practice Cooperation in Saarlouis (Saarland, Germany). She works focused on headache- and mandibular patients In 2007 she started as..

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Daniela von Piekartz

TEACHER - Daniela von Piekartz-Doppelhofer qualified in Physiotherapy at the University of Graz (Austria). She participated in several further education e.g. FBL, NOI®, Manual Therapy, Kaltenborn and Maitland®

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Marisa Hoffmann

TEACHER - Marisa Hoffmann graduated from University of Applied Science Fresenius, Idstein, in cooperation with the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2005. Afterwards she studied in England at the University of Southampton..

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Daan Bredewout

TEACHER - Daan Bredewout (NL) graduated in 2007 from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam as Exercise Therapist and in 2008 as Physiotherapist. In 2011 he started the training in Manual Therapy (Maitland, IMTA®)..

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Magdalena Bogucka

TEACHER in training - Magdalena Bogucka has become a Master of Physiotherapy in 2015, finishing the studies in Medical University of Łódź (Poland), by presenting the Master Thesis about influence of manual therapy on post-operative trismus..

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Bernhard Taxer

TEACHER in training - Bernhard Taxer absolvierte seine Ausbildung zum Physiotherapeuten von 2002 bis 2005 an der Akademie für Physiotherapie in Innsbruck..

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Jennifer Nelson

TEACHER in training - In 2008 Jennifer Nelson finished her Doctorates of Physical Therapy in Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America... 

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Sarah Venhorst

TEACHER in training - Sarah Venhorst graduated from University of Applied Science Fresenius, Idstein in cooperation with the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2008..

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Erin Cox

TEACHER in training - Erin Cox started teaching Manual Therapy with the AQPMA in 2009, the Quebec Section of the Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal..

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Franziska Sieß

TEACHER in training - Franziska Sieß completed her training as a physiotherapist in 2007 at the Academy for Physiotherapy in Konstanz , Germany..

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Miguel Cano

Candidate to Assistant TEACHER - Miguel Cano finished his Physical Therapy studies in 2006 at the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona) and as a first job...

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Timo Timpe

BUSINESS MANAGER - Timo Timpe completed his training as a physiotherapist in 2002. Subsequently, he studied physiotherapy at the Universities..

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Valentina Timpe

BACKOFFICE - Valentina Timpe is our back office employee. After completing her studies in business law (LL.B.) at the HTWG in Konstanz in 2014, she worked for the..

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