Jennifer Nelsson 250TEACHER in training - In 2008 Jennifer Nelson finished her Doctorates of Physical Therapy in Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America at the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. She worked as physical therapist for 3 years in a verity of settings before starting her fellowship training with the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. She graduated from her fellowship in 2016. The next year she graduated from Andrews University in Michigan, USA with her Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy. Jennifer has continued to progress her education in a verity of topics related to physical therapy including the pelvic floor, breathing, yoga, and diet.  

Jennifer helped author three chapter in the Travell, Simmons & Simmons’ Myofasical Pain and Dysfunction The trigger point Manual 3rd Edition in 2019 and became a lab assistant 2020. Jennifer continues to work in the clinic full time and works primarily with patients who have persistent/chronic pain and complex problems. She has a special interest in patients who have problems with the head/neck, pelvic floor, fatigue, and hypermobility. She enjoys looking at how the body works together and interconnects.



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