Christian Voith

Christian Voith DOL0627TEACHER - Christian Voith was born in Klagenfurt/Austria. He graduated from the Academy for Physiotherapy in 1990.

Afterwards he worked in different clinics, hospitals and practices in Germany for ten years. During this time he participated in a postgraduate Manual Therapy program (certificate 1994) and graduated at the European Academy for orthopedic manual therapy in Germany with the OMT (IFOMPT)-Diploma in 1997.

1998 he began his CRAFTA® education in clinical management of temporomandibular, craniocervical and craniofacial dysfunction and pain. Since 1992 he teaches at the academy for physiotherapy (Bad Säckingen/Germany; Klagenfurt/Austria).

During this time he absolved an educational qualification for qualified teachers. Since 1999 he is part of the teaching staff of the Kaltenborn – Evjenth – system in orthopedic manual therapy.

Since his return to Klagenfurt in 1999 he works in his own practice. Here he works with orthopedic patients and treats patients after sports injuries. His personal interest is in patients with dysfunctions and pain in the craniocervical and craniofacial region. Additionally he treats children with complaints in this region.

Since December 2008 he is official teacher for CRAFTA® basic courses.