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Franziska Sieß completed her training as a physiotherapist in 2007 at the Academy for Physiotherapy in Konstanz, Germany. Following this, she worked until 2010 in Freiburg, South Germany, before relocating to London, where she completed her Master of Science in Advanced Health Professions with a focus on the placebo/nocebo effect and its impact on pain perception.

After a brief stint as a research assistant, Franziska decided to primarily focus on patient care. She worked for the NHS (National Health Service) in England before moving to Vienna, Austria, in 2013, where she established her own physiotherapy practice in 2020.

Her professional focus lies on two main areas: sports physiotherapy (including supervision of a triathlon club) and the treatment of neck, head, and jaw issues. She obtained her Crafta certification in early 2022 and commenced her training as an assistant at the end of 2023.

Throughout her career as a physiotherapist, Franzi has pursued various additional courses, including the Maitland Concept (Level 2b) and Mulligan techniques, among others.




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