Headache in children

10 MICHIEL EN EMMA 250Headache in children are a increasing problem in children and adolescents but a lot of questions about etiology and management of headache in children still remain un replied.
May there be a positive contribution for this group of patients from physiotherapy?

Depending on evidenced based practice (EBP) the actual position of physiotherapy will be defined and by use of clinical examples out of a biopsychosocial model the possibilities of the physiotherapy will be discussed.


  • Headache in children, the nature of the problem
  • The growth as possible contributing factor for dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system
  • Recurrent headache: Reasons, releasing and contributing factorsKoki2
  • Craniocervical dysfunctions in Children. Does it exists ?
  • Measuring of headache in children. A practical concept
  • Physical assessment of the e.g. craniofacial region and cranial Neurodynamic
  • Management of recurrent headache in children, physio- and manual therapeutic therapy
  • Programs which influence the cognition and behavior in recurrent headaches