Sarah Venhorst 250TEACHER in training - Sarah Venhorst graduated from University of Applied Science Fresenius, Idstein in cooperation with the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2008.

Since 2008 she works clinically in a rehabilitation center. Beside her clinical work she started in 2013 teaching for the Physical Therapy program at the University of Applied Science Fresenius with the main focus on Manual Therapy.  

After her graduation in 2008 she followed several continuing education courses, which focused on Manual Therapy (Maitland, IMTA). Over the years, she got more and more interested in the craniofacial region. In 2010 she started the CRAFTA education program and in 2015 she received her CRAFTA certificate.  

She finished her Master of Science studies in Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy (OMT) in Osnabrueck, Germany in 2017. In her OMT thesis she examined the influence of a change in dental occlusion, by means of a dental splint, on the rehabilitation of a glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD) with female volleyball players. 

In the same year she became a CRAFTA-teacher in training. 

Today she works part-time in a clinic in Germany with the main focus on patients with head-, neck- and face dysfunctions and teaches part-time at the University of Applied Science Fresenius.




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