Update in Craniofacial Dysfunction and Pain for CRAFTA Physiotherapists


Cursus 1This advanced course provides a comprehensive update of the knowledge and skills developed over the past ten years in the field of craniofacial dysfunction and pain, specifically designed for certified CRAFTA physiotherapists. Participants will enrich their practical and theoretical knowledge, with an emphasis on the latest developments within the CRAFTA curriculum.

Course Content:

  • Update on pain mechanisms of orofacial pain
  • Review and interpretation of the DC/TMD classification
  • Current status in Bruxism assessment and treatment
  • Clinical classification of cranial neuropathies and their application
  • Assessment and treatment of orofacial somatosensory distortion
  • Theoretical and practical update in craniofacial dysfunction, including the Mechanostat Model and sources of nociception
  • Various practical skills in differentiation and treatment
  • Skills on request from course participants

Course Format:

60% of the course consists of practice-oriented sessions, while 40% is dedicated to theoretical deepening. This format is designed to strengthen both knowledge and practical skills, enabling participants to obtain directly applicable techniques and insights.

End Competencies:

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have a comprehensive overview of the current state of orofacial dysfunction and pain.
  • Possess the skills and knowledge required within the updated CRAFTA curriculum.
  • Be able to apply the latest assessment and treatment techniques in their practice.

Target Audience:

This course is exclusively intended for CRAFTA  therapists who wish to expand and update their expertise in line with the latest developments in the field.


Participants receive 50 CRAFTA accreditation points upon completion of the course.

The course will be applied for at the Quality House.


Prof. Harry von Piekartz, PhD, MSc, PT, MT(OMPT)

Registration and Further Details:

By focusing on directly applicable knowledge and skills, this course offers a unique opportunity for CRAFTA-certified therapists to strengthen their practice and continue to excel in their field.


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