Gcm2Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Functional Relations

Craniofacial dysfunctions and its functional relationship The function of the cranium and its knowledge about adaptation and the movement patterns of the cranium (craniodynamic) in evidence based skills are the priority in this seminar.

The classification of pain mechanisms, assessment-, and treatment techniques of the neuro- and viscerocranium, also an update of neurobiological and anatomical skills about function of the cranium will give a comprehensive overview about all cranial structures.


  • General phylogenesis and ontogenesis
  • Cranio dynamic
  • Functional dynamic of the neurocranium and viscerocranium
  • linical patterns of the cranial region and its pain mechanisms


  • Palpation of the cranium and the facial skeleton
  • Physical examination of the craniofacial complex. Inspection, introduction in the clinimetrics and passive assessment and treatment techniques
  • Management of craniofacial syndromes in children and adults



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