Miquel Cano  Gutierrez 250Candidate to Assistant TEACHER - Miguel Cano finished his Physical Therapy studies in 2006 at the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona) and as a first job started working for a home rehabilitation service for elder population getting experience in the fields of orthopedics, neurology and aging medicine. As the youngest son of a marriage of odontologists he soon showed interest in the field of temporomandibular disorders so he applied to an interdisciplinary specialization postgraduate at the International University of Catalonia that he finished in 2007.

Shortly after he got the opportunity of joining the Temporomandibular Disorders Department of the Dental School of the same University which in parallel opened the doors to became an associate teacher to the Physical Therapy School. That wonderful adventure got to an end in 2012 but by that time he was already dedicated almost exclusively to clinical care of patients with temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain. Since then Miguel successfully completed different courses in the management of headaches and migraines, myofascial pain syndrome and dry needling, OMT of the cervical region and imagining diagnostic among others.

In 2017 started his CRAFTA training, what was a game changer in his professional career, and just a couple of steps remains to became certificated. Since 2015 he is running a workshop for primary care dentists of the Catalan Public Health Service (ICS) about physical examination of temporomandibular disorders and since 2019 collaborates imparting the same workshop in the Master in Medicine, Surgery and Oral Implantology from the University of Barcelona (UB).
Still based in Barcelona he is working as a freelance in different clinics specialized in TMD, OFP and tinnitus




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