Harald Traue 100 133Professor Dr. Traue is the research director of the Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims Ulm/Germany, supervisor of Psychological Pain Therapy and Head of Medical Psychology at the University Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and Professor of Medical Psychology, both at the University of Ulm. He is currently the president of the German Pain Foundation (Deutsche Schmerzstiftung).

Professor Dr. Traue’s background includes a degree in the studies of Natural and Computer Sciences, Cybernetics, Communication and Social Sciences, a PhD in Human Biology and the habilitation in Medical Psychology.

The areas of his research projects are numerous and diverse. They include the fields of Cognitive Science and Emotion, Behavioral Medicine. Public Health, Medical Education and Cultural and Brain Evolution.

Professor Traue has published the outstanding number of 128 peer reviewed journal papers, 103 book chapters and proceedings and 17 books.




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