CRAFTA®-Study group

Arbeitsgemeinschaft 2 250 177Share current knowledge, refresh treatment skills or discuss patient treatment protocols - these are only a few examples for contents of a CRAFTA®-study group. On this page you will find a list of certified CRAFTA®-therapists who are leading study groups.

What is a CRAFTA®-Study group?
Study groups are a periodically meeting for all physiotherapists, speech- and language therapists, dentists, who are in the CRAFTA®-educational program and working with the concept.

What are the contents of the study group?

  • CRAFTA®-treatment skills are repeated an methods are discussed
  • Related to the concept thinking is trained
  • Preparation for further courses and correction of already learned treatment techniques
  • Preparation for the certification exam
  • Patient examples will be discussed or patient treatment will be evaluated
  • Neurobiological knowledge of the head-neck region will be refreshed and “updates” will be discussed
  • The current evidence of the neuromusculoskeletal assessment and treatment will be integrated
  • Information on activities and courses of CRAFTA® 

Who may participate?
The only requirement is an absolved basic course part 1.
For all participants there will be a fee charged, please contact directly the organizer.

Who is leading a study group?
Our certified CRAFTA®-Therapists lead these study groups.
The requirements are:

  • CRAFTA®-certificate
  • Accreditation points up to date

Where and when does a meeting take place?
In the table on this page the certified CRAFTA®-therapists who are the group organizers are listed, as well as the location of the group. If you are interested please contact the organizer directly through e-mail.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft 150Name of the certified CRAFTA®-Therapist Where Phone E-Mail
Bern GothardtLeitung Regionalgruppe: Bernd Gotthardt
Praxis B. Gotthardt, Arzt, Rheingaustr. 22 2161 Berlin

Berlin/Brandenburg (Germany)

+49 30 89748684 @
Helene MoserHelene Moser - Praxis Helmos
Effingerstrasse 6 - 3011 Bern
Bern (Switzerland) 0041 031 381 50 00 @
108Physiotherapiepraxis Kerstin Giese und Annette Schmidt Ansprechpartnerin Kerstin Giese Hamburg (Germany) 040-20944996 @
GeorgGeorgios Tzoutzomitros Heidelberg (Germany) 06232-990122 @
Magda Bogucka 100
Magda Bogucka
Łódź (Poland) +48 500 237 277 @
Marisa Hoffmann DOL0582 AGILPHYSIO Privatpraxis für Physiotherapie Marisa Hoffmann Mainz (Germany) 06136-925825
Kroschewski 2Lars Kroschewski Singen (Germany) +49 7731 1371 1 @
Zbigniew WronskiZbigniew Wronski Warszawa (Poland) +48 508 338 446 @
Constanze Wagner 2Konstanze Wagner Zürich (Switzerland) 044 255 36 17 @
Kristina Leppich 100 126Kristina Leppich Karlstadt (Germany) @
Bernhard Taxer 100 126Bernhard Taxer Graz (Austria) @

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