Timo Timpe 250BUSINESS MANAGER - Timo Timpe completed his training as a physiotherapist in 2002. Subsequently, he studied physiotherapy at the Universities of Applied Science in Osnabrück and Hildesheim. In 2009 he successfully completed his education with a Master of Sciene degree as well as the OMT (DVMT).

Currently he lives and works as a physiotherapist in Hamburg and is co-owner of a physiotherapy practice in Bochum. He is also active as a teacher and supervisor in the OMT training at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. His main
focus is the supervision of students during the clinical internship.

His physiotherapeutic interests lie in the clinical patterns in the area of the spine, especially the cervical spine (e.g. cervical instability) as well as the shoulder joint complex. In addition to these activities, as Business Manager of CRAFTA®, he takes over part-time business management tasks (communication and contracts with the course centers, invoices, bookkeeping, etc.).

In his free time, Timo can be found playing (beach) volleyball or jogging around the Alster with Valentina.




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