Research group

Research 150Research Group and Scientific Advisory Board of CRAFTA®

The CRAFTA® research group and the scientific advisory board consist of a group of highly motivated researchers and practitioners with a wide range of interests and specializations. Through this a thorough research in the field of TMJ-/Head- and cervical pain is possible.

The current and planned activities and aims of the group are:

  • To stimulate research projects in the field of TMJ-/Head- and cervical pain and supervision of these projects
  • To evaluate and give recommendations to  the CRAFTA® course and educational program and schedule, especially to ensure evidence based practice
  • To establish consensus in internationally accepted terminology and to implement the results in the CRAFTA® course and educational program
  • Supervision of current and future research projects organized and supported by CRAFTA®
  • Presentation of research results at national and international congresses
  • Facilitation of cooperation of recognized universities and research facilities worldwide with the scientific focus on TMJ-/Head- and cervical pain
  • Providing CAPs („critically appraised papers“) for certified CRAFTA®-therapists for quality assurance in daily practice and to overcome the “theory-practice-gap”
  • Facilitation of publications in the research field of TMJ-/Head- and cervical pain



Marisa Hofmann,  MSc PT , MT (OMT) - @

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Ballenberger

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Ballenberger

Dr. Nikolaus Ballenberger holds the position as Professor..

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Dr. Ina Diener

Dr. Ina Diener

Dr. Ina Diener was born and bred in South Africa..

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Dr. Jan Dommerholt

Dr. Jan Dommerholt

Dr. Jan Dommerholt is a Dutch-trained physiotherapist

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